PYC Panhandle Yacht Club (PYC) was founded in 1978 by a few individuals who had a dream to build a private marina that would be family oriented, be of reasonable cost, and that would provide amenities not found at other marinas on Lake Coeur d' Alene. Over the years the facility has continued to improve through the dedicated efforts of it's members. Many hours and some personal expenses have been donated to update and provide for the members and their guests.



The Panhandle Yacht Club marina consists of 112 sailboat slips. The grounds include showers,two barbecue decks, pump out, mast crane, dinghy storage, paved parking, swim dock, and harbor master residence. To become a member, please contact one of the officers or board members of the club, listed under the "Contact" link above."


Unofficial Guide for Using the Haul Out PYC Haul Out Guide.pdf (As a reminder, before using the "Haul Out" you are required to make reservations with the Harbor Master.)



About 10 miles south on hwy 97 from the I 90 wolf lodge-harrison exit, east of Coeur d' Alene, turn right 1 mile past the Hutton Store(Eat @ Eddies sign)mapqwest


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Every summer evening, just after the sun sets over Lake Coeur d’Alene the Wolf Lodge Express gathers steam in an eastern bay and hurtles west across the water. The Express—a land breeze that forms when the land cools in the evenings, the warm lake water pulls the breeze in from the east. It is very predictable, and a fun time to sail.


Panhandle Yacht Club Standing Rules

  1. Members are fully responsible for the actions of their family members or guests. Refer to PYC Bylaws, Article 9 for guest rules.
  2. Members shall keep their slips, dock boxes and boats in a safe and well-maintained condition. Members, whose boats or slips are determined to be in poor condition or present a hazard by the Board of Directors, will be asked to correct the condition. If refused, the Board of Directors will correct the condition at the expense of the member. Additionally, the Panhandle Yacht Club is not responsible for personal items. This includes boats, tenders, dock boxes or any other personal item left or stored on club facilities. All modifications to the slip, including swim ladders, shall be approved by the Port Captain.
  3. PYC is not designed nor intended to provide live-aboard support to its members or associate members. Therefore, living aboard a boat at PYC, for an extended time, is discouraged. Living aboard is defined as remaining overnight onboard a boat for four nights or more per month between November 1 and April 30 or anytime the pump-out is closed. Additionally, it is defined as remaining overnight onboard a boat for 15 nights total, within any 30 day period between May 1 and October 31. or anytime the pump-out is open. A $20.00 per day fee is required from the member if the 15 night limit is exceeded (If you have incurred this fee please send a check to the PYC Treasurer or give the check to any Board Member). The four night (winter) limit may not be exceeded.
  4. The entire property belonging to PYC is a "use at your own risk area". All children, under 12 years of age, must be supervised during all activities, especially while swimming or wading. PYC HAS NO LIFEGUARD! Additionally, the breakwater is to provide protection for the marina. Boats will not be tied to it. Swimming or fishing from it is prohibited.
  5. Dock boxes will be kept in good repair. No homemade boxes will be allowed. The triangular boxes now in use are preferred but only marine approved boxes that fit will be allowed. If the box becomes damaged, the owner will be asked to remove it.
  6. Owners will, at all times, maintain control of their pets and will not allow them to unreasonably affect the enjoyment of club facilities to other members. Pets are not allowed at any time on the swimming beach. Pet owners are responsible for clean up after their pets and there are no areas on PYC property where clean up is not required. Pets will be leashed while on PYC property. Any pet that has bit someone on PYC property, on or off leash, will be immediately expelled from the PYC property. Once an animal has been officially terminated from PYC they can never be re-admitted.
  7. A "No Wake" rule is in effect within the breakwater.
  8. Between the hours of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM are "Quiet Hours". Halyards and other lines shall be secured to minimize noise when moored.
  9. Mooring lines shall be of a size and type recommended by the boat builder, or shall comply with published recommendations of cordage manufacturers and suppliers. In no case shall mooring lines be less substantial than 3/8" nylon. Snubbers shall be used on bow and stern lines and other lines subject to shock loading from wave action. Mooring lines shall be maintained in good condition.
  10. No member shall install any electrical or communications wiring without the written consent of the Board of Directors. This provision does not apply to shore power cords or local receptacle cords connected to the slip outlet, provided they are approved for marine use, installed in accordance with applicable codes and good practice, and do not constitute a nuisance or hazard to others. Cords must not run across docks or walkways.
  11. There will be no open fires on PYC property (bonfires, campfires, beach fires, etc.) other than those approved and regulated by the Board of Directors.
  12. BBQ on boats or docks must be attended at all times. Only marine approved BBQs are allowed for use on boats. Disposal of briquettes will be in a fireproof container.
  13. Fueling of boats shall be undertaken with great care and caution to eliminate fire hazard and prevent fuel spillage into the lake. You are responsible for any spillage and any consequences that involve environmental protection.
  14. Flammable materials such as paint, lacquers, thinners and fuels need always be stored in well-ventilated areas on the boat. No such materials shall be stored on the docks or the dock boxes. Oily rags will be placed in a tight-closing metal container and shall not be left on the docks or dock boxes.
  15. Littering is prohibited. Boat trash will be placed in the dumpster by the tool shed. Boat trash will not be placed in the garbage cans on the BBQ deck.
  16. All posting shall be made on any bulletin board. Permission for posting must be obtained from the Harbormaster.
  17. The haul-out and mast crane are used by permission only and are scheduled by the Harbormaster. The Harbormaster and the reservation schedule will determine the length of usage. Under all conditions, the user will sign a release of responsibility from the club and receive instruction before using these facilities.
  18. Motorized personal watercraft may not be moored or operated within the breakwater. Additionally, motorized vehicles are prohibited on the docks. No vehicle or conveyance (motorcycle, skateboard, roller skates/blades, snowmobiles, ATV's, etc.) may be operated for recreational purposes on PYC property.
  19. Storage of boats, recreational vehicles or trailers on PYC property is prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors. Yacht tender vessels may be moored or stored in locations acceptable to the Harbormaster. Periodically, owners of yacht tenders vessels will be asked to identify these vessels. Those vessels thus not identified will be disposed of at the discretion of the PYC Board of Directors.
  20. The owner of any vehicle, including RV's travel trailers, tents, etc., which will remain on PYC property in excess of five (5) days shall obtain permission from the Harbormaster. Each day beyond 5 days will be assessed a $10.00/day fee, payable and billed to the member/host. The Harbormaster must be contacted to obtain reservations and permission before placing such vehicle on PYC property.
  21. The discharge of firearms or use of any explosive devices is prohibited on PYC property. Fireworks are strictly forbidden.
  22. Any non-member whose boat occupies a slip at the PYC marina for fourteen (14) days or more, with or without the member's permission, will be considered an Associate Member and the member will be assessed the annual associate fee.
  23. Porta-potties will be emptied at the pump-out. They will not be emptied in the club's bathrooms.
  24. The pump-out is for members and associates only. Please read instructions on the pump and follow them closely.
  25. Effective July 1, 2014: No boat bow can extend over the dock and the stern cannot exceed 7 feet past end of the finger. All current boats at the Panhandle Yacht Club as of July 1, 2014 were grandfathered.
  26. Each member and associate member is required by our ByLaws (Article 4 Section 1. E) to have a certificate of insurance on his or her boat. To encourage compliance with this requirement, each member will be charged $500.00 on their annual dues invoice. This $500.00 will be waived if the member provides the proof of insurance.
  27. All winter coverings must be removed from your boat on or before June 1st.