Panhandle Yacht Club, Lake Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Message from the Vice Commodore
Standing Rule #25

Effective July 1, 2014: No boat bow can extend over the dock and the stern cannot exceed 7 feet past end of the finger. All current boats at the Panhandle Yacht Club as of July 1, 2014 were grandfathered.

Message from the Vice Commodore
Standing Rule #9

Mooring lines shall be of a size and type recommended by the boat builder, or shall comply with published recommendations of cordage manufacturers and suppliers. In no case shall mooring lines be less substantial than 3/8" nylon. Snubbers shall be used on bow and stern lines and other lines subject to shock loading from wave action. Mooring lines shall be maintained in good condition.


Snubbers on All Dock Lines


A lot of money was spent over the past several years on the PYC docks, Snubbers are to be used on ALL bow and stern lines as stated in "Standing Rules" paragraph #9. This protects the dock system from future damage.


If you as a member have an associate member leasing your slip. It is still your responsibility this rule is followed so please inspect your slip.


If you know a member/associate that lives out of this area and want to be helpful, please provide the snubbers and place them on the lines for them.


Thank you for protecting our investment at PYC!

Vice Commodore
Ike Bailey

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