PYC Officers and Board Members (2022-2023)

  Position Name Email
  Commodore Richard Krogh
  Vice Commodore Carl Snyder
  Rear Commodore Brian Loper
  Corresponding Secretary Thomas Santorsola
  Recording Secretary Madeline Buescher
Ted Rehwald
  Port Captain (2024-2025) Rich Bennett
  Board Members    
  2021-2023 Greg Lockwood
  2024-2025 Matthew Schmidt
  2021-2023 Ted Buescher
  2021-2024 Open
  Harbormaster Julie Bauman

Election of Board Positions The business of Panhandle Yacht Club, Inc. (the Corporation) is managed by a Board of Directors of no more than eleven (11) Directors. The Board shall consist of the seven (7) elected officers and four (4) other members (excluding Associated Members), one elected to serve four (4) years, one elected to serve three (3) years and, two elected to serve two (2 ) years, or until a successor is elected and takes office. A brief description of the duties of each position is provided below:

  • Commodore - Senior officer of the Corporation presides at all meetings of the membership.
  • Vice Commodore - Takes the place of the Commodore in his/her absence, acts as Executive Officer to the Commodore.
  • Rear Commodore - Takes the place of the Commodore in the absence of both the Commodore and the Vice Commodore. Coordinates the transfers of slip ownership/membership and issues Membership Certificates.
  • Recording Secretary - Keeps records of all the proceedings of the Corporation and the Board.
  • Corresponding Secretary - Keeps a file of documents, records, communications and other matters connected with Corporation business. Keeps a record of slip assignment and the members and attends to all necessary correspondence. Responsible for keeping an accurate membership list
  • Treasurer - Custodian of all funds of the Corporation, gives necessary receipts for moneys paid to the corporation, and deposits Corporation money in accounts approved by the Board and held in the name of the Corporation.
  • Port Captain - Directs the operations, repair, and maintenance of the Corporation´┐Żs facilities.
  • Board Member at Large (2 year, 3 year, 4 year) - attends all board meetings and provides input, handles special projects as requested by the Board.
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    19185 South Highway 97
    Harrison, id 83833-8714