Panhandle Yacht Club, Lake Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

August 16 , 2014 Champagne & Chocolate Photos from Ike Bailey
Thank you to all of you who participated in the biggest raft up (15 boats) ever for Champagne and Chocolate this past Saturday. Great company, food, beverages, music, dancing and just a lot of fun. There were water fights, diving off boats and even on boats ( minor injury) and late night swimming. Maybe we can do 25 boats next year and I will get two mooring balls a day early again.

Thank you again
Ike Bailey
Vice Commodore

Message from the Commodore

PYC Final Notice

There are vessels in our marina that have not been cleaned or licensed for years! The By- Laws require boats be maintained to adequate standards.  Mold, mildew, bees nest, torn tarps and all over filth is not part of the PYC charter and disrespectful to your neighbors.  There are nine boats in the marina that fall below the minimum standard...  DO NOT CALL to find out if your boat is in this group!  INSTEAD, if you have not been out for a while, OR YEARS, come clean your boat!  A grace period of 14 days has been issued, if it is not cleaned we will have the task completed and you will be billed.  This notice was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors and members at large of the PYC.

Update on the Hydro-seeding Project:

PYC's spring Hydro-seeding project has thus far been very successful in accomplishing the primary goals of 1) controlling erosion on the hillsides; and 2) choking out invasive weeds.  The topsoil brought in before the hydro-seeding certainly seems to have done it's job of providing an excellent environment for the seeds to grow!  According to the vendor, North Idaho Seed, in this first year, it is critical to NOT cut back the plants, but rather allow the fescue grass to grow, go to seed and establish a hearty root system; the tall grass helps hold in moisture and protect the roots.  At Ash Bash 2015, the Club will focus on thinning the fescue around the ornamental plants and any other maintenance recommended by North Idaho Seed to protect PYC's investment. 

Commodore Richard Krogh

Metal Piling Decoration Challenge

Gary Vandusen in Slip C94 has placed a challenge to all docks to compete in a metal piling decoration contest. He challenges all docks to improve his idea on end of their dock.


PYC Important News!

The Panhandle Yacht club is not designed nor intended to provide live-aboard support to its members or associate members. Therefore, living aboard a boat at the PYC is prohibited.