Panhandle Yacht Club, Lake Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

Panhandle Yacht Club Membership Spring 2014 Newsletter

Back in 1980, Mount Saint Helen blew and deposited ash in eleven different states! It easily made its way to Idaho and blanketed the sailboats at Panhandle Yacht Club. Shortly thereafter, a crew of sailors formed a work party to clean up the mess, and that tradition lives on! Once a year, on the weekend that is closest to the anniversary date of the eruption, members of the Panhandle congregate at the club to clean up winter debris, tackle worthwhile projects and get things ready for our summer season. Some call it a work day, but most of us think of Ash Bash as a celebration! It's a great way to reconnect with friends and gratifying to get so much work done in such a short amount of time. This year we will be doing the usual painting, gardening, etc. but we also have quite a list of other things that need some immediate attention so please plan on pitching in! Bring your heavy rakes, shovels and work gloves and head out to the club on Saturday morning 9:30 am. This year, we will have our POTLUCK at 3 pm on SATURDAY (instead of Sunday) so more folks can partake. Bring your main dish (i.e. something to grill) and a favorite dish to share. For those who cannot attend Ash Bash, please check with Sonny for things that need to be done. PYC saves a fair amount of money by utilizing its volunteers, which keeps money in the PYC treasury for other things.

Message from the Vice Commodore

Derelict Boats/Dock Boxes

I walked the docks on March 22, 2014; there are a number of derelict boats that need a lot of cleaning as well as and a few broken lids on dock boxes. As a member and the Vice Commodore of PYC, I take a lot of pride in our club and what the club offers to our membership. It disappoints me to see this mistreatment of property as there are services available to our members to allow them to take care of the neglect without having to be on the grounds (I realize that many of our members are not in the area). If the boat owners availed themselves of these services, it would help make our facility shine for our membership and visiting guests. The derelict boats also bring down the value of a club membership which affects those trying to sell their membership. Please do what needs to be done to your boat/dock boxes which will benefit all members. Please take more pride in your club.

Metal Piling Decoration Challenge

Gary Vandusen in Slip C94 has placed a challenge to all docks to compete in a metal piling decoration contest. He challenges all docks to improve his idea on end of their dock.


PYC Important News!

The Panhandle Yacht club is not designed nor intended to provide live-aboard support to its members or associate members. Therefore, living aboard a boat at the PYC is prohibited.