Panhandle Yacht Club, Lake Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

July 4, 2014 Parade Photos from Jeana Vandusen

Message from the Vice Commodore

There are three events coming up at PYC this summer.

1. Ship, Captain and Crew scheduled for 26 July 2014. Please contact the Greenswords on C dock to participate to make this event happen again. If there is no participation this year the event might go to the bottom of the lake.
2. Champagne and Chocolate on 16 August 2014 in Beauty Bay. This year we hope to have a boat out there on a mooring ball Friday evening so to save the spot for Saturday
3. The Sail to Harrison on Labor Day weekend 30 August 2014.

Notice about Dogs on the Family Beach. This is not allowed for numerous reasons including health issues. Dogs urinate and defecate on the beach where kids play in the sand. There is a dog beach west of the haul out for you to take your dog(s). You are still required to PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG THERE. Lately the dog beach has been covered with dog fesses and not appreciated.

Next year, Vice Commodore Ike Bailey will attempt to put together an Open House/ boat swap meet at PYC and will be open to the public. The Board will be discussing this event at the next meeting. Dates to be determined. He will need volunteers to make this happen. If you are interested please contact Ike Bailey at

Vice Commodore Ike Bailey
Happy Summer .

Metal Piling Decoration Challenge

Gary Vandusen in Slip C94 has placed a challenge to all docks to compete in a metal piling decoration contest. He challenges all docks to improve his idea on end of their dock.


PYC Important News!

The Panhandle Yacht club is not designed nor intended to provide live-aboard support to its members or associate members. Therefore, living aboard a boat at the PYC is prohibited.